Questwood is a fun and tricky adventure game. The game is about a smart mouse that explores the forest solving physics puzzles.



The Story

A little mouse lives in a forest village with his family and friends. He goes to school and likes learning about physics and puzzle solving, for which he is commended by his teacher. The villagers are peaceful and depend on the apples and berries that the seasons produce for their food source and these are plentiful. One season, however, the food runs out. The little mouse’s elders tell the school children that each year there are quests by chosen mice to collect valuable items throughout the great forest and that these are offered to the mountain gods, and that the...




  1. Use Left, Right and Jump buttons to control the mouse;
    • a. Run and press Jump button and hold both of them to jump longer distances.
    • b. Tap multiple times on a Jump button to jump onto something.
  2. Eat food to get some energy. More energy you have faster you can run and may jump higher;
  3. Don't eat too much... There is an alarm that will alert you when to stop eating;
  4. Collect coins so you may buy valuable items further in the game;
  5. Move boxes to jump onto something if necessary;
  6. Find or buy (game coins) the Bag to collect the items;
  7. Collect valuable items by tapping on them with the finger. This works only when you have the Bag;
  8. Use balls to hit some distant objects: for example, the box that maybe in help. Mouse may hold one ball at the time in the hands, when you throw the ball it will look for the same type of ball in the Bag.




Questwood game screen-shots:




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